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Founder of a consultancy firm carrying her name, Camila is a pioneer leader in the Latin America emerging technologies innovation industry, and led different initiatives through the years aimed at expanding the ecosystem including advising start ups in Latin America, co-founding Sao Paulo Legal Hackers, being a mentor and a judge of relevant undertakings such as Hack Brazil for the Brazil Conference, a Harvard-MIT initiative and the Inclusive innovation Challenge by MIT. Camila is also a guest lecturer at various universities and colleges including the University College London, FAAP and Insper, and is a member of the Editorial Board of the MIT Computational Law Report.

A lawyer by trade, Camila brings over 10 years of experience in the legal field as worked in high-profile cases including Lava Jato, the Train and Metro Cartel and the $135 billion DowDupont merger. She graduated from Centro Universitário de Brasília – UniCEUB and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Economics for Competition Law at King’s College London (2015 / 2016).


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